Preventive dental care is all the things you do (or should do) to take care of your teeth and gums: brushing, flossing, and eating a healthy diet. Seeing your dentist regularly can also help with preventive care.


According to the American Dental Association, three of four adults are affected by periodontal disease, which is commonly known as “gum disease,” at some point in their lives. Periodontal disease is an infection of the gums and bone caused by plaque. Regular cleaning by your dentist or dental hygienist helps keep plaque under control. While this may not seem like a big issue on the surface, research has shown an association between periodontal disease and heart attacks and strokes as well as diabetes. Dr. Jesensky and her team would be happy to discuss with you your risks and how to prevent periodontal disease.


Tooth decay can be prevented by brushing and flossing but sometimes that isn’t enough and that is where Dr. Jesensky can help you. Fluoride treatments are also available in our office. Fluoride is used by our teeth as they develop and makes them more resistant to decay. After our teeth are formed, fluoride can reverse the progress of early cavities, and sometimes prevent the need for corrective dental treatment such as fillings.


Dentists use x-rays to find problems early, hopefully eliminating the need for restorative dental work.

For adults, Dr. Jesensky uses dental X-rays to:

  • Look for areas of decay that may not be visible to the naked eye, such as decay between teeth or under a filling
  • Look for possible bone loss from periodontal disease
  • Show problems in the root of a tooth, such as fractures or abscesses
  • Look for other problems more serious medical issues

For children and teens, Dr. Jesensky uses X-rays to:

  • Find decay and damage to fillings
  • To monitor tooth growth and development
  • To see if the permanent teeth are developing naturally
  • To watch for impacted teeth

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