Dr. Jesensky,

“Congratulations” on your recent venture to pursue and own the dental practice, formally known as Forsythe Dental Center. I am confident that this will be a very rewarding experience, both professionally and personally. Additionally, thank you for retaining the prior office staff. Heather is always pleasant, courteous, and very accommodating.

Carrie’s work is professional. Her great personality relieves the angst that comes with dental visits. With their professional and personal qualities, I am sure the business transition will be better than expected.

I look forward to continuing my dental needs with you and your staff for years to come.



“I highly recommend choosing Dr. Danielle Jesensky as your dentist.

Over several years, I always had a good experience during my dental visits, either for a check up or for dental work. I found her to be very accomplished, professional, and caring in dealing with her patients. I was very sorry, as well as her whole office staff, to see her leave the practice in Delaware County PA. to relocate in Western PA”.

Virginia L

To say my son, Aiden, is scared of the dentist would be putting it lightly. He made such a fuss at his previous dentist that I was too embarrassed to return, which suited Aiden just fine. I had been looking for a dentist since then. I met Dr. Danielle, thought my son might be better with a female, so I decided to give it a try. When I told Aiden he was going to the dentist in the morning he cried himself to sleep. We got to the office in the morning and he was still scared. I assured him that Danielle was a very nice lady and urged him to just try. Dr. Jesensky came out, sat down with Aiden, included him in everything, and made him feel more comfortable than he had ever been in a dentist office. Dr. Jesensky took him back and was extremely patient with him. She allowed him to stop many times and took things at Aiden’s own pace. Later on that night while I was tucking Aiden into bed, he said, “You know Mamma, she isn’t so bad, I think I can go to her from know on.” If Dr. Jesensky can do that great of a turn around on my terrified son then she truly deserves praise!


What can I say? Danielle and her staff are the best! Open, inviting, friendly – you feel like you are at home when you visit the office. What’s more is that Danielle is a phenomenal dentist. My recent filling was perfect the first time around. The attribute that I like best, however, is that you can talk to her like a normal person. And she gives you a straight answer about what to do, even if you call her late at night!! Thank you Danielle.